William L. Gibson is an author, researcher, and sound artist based in Southeast Asia.

 William's trilogy of hard-boiled crime novels set in 1890s Singapore and Malaya is published   by Monsoon BooksHis short stories have been published by Monsoon Books and Black Scat Books.

 In the Land of Pagodas and Laotian Pages, scholarly translations with Paul Bruthiaux of   Alfred Raquez's travels through China and Laos at the turn of the century, are published   by NIAS Press.

 William's work has appeared in Signal to Noise and The Mekong Review, among othersand his recent academic articles have been published in Archipel, History and Anthropology, and the Bulletin de l’École française d’Extrême-Orient.

 'Opium Traces,' William's feature column on Asian art and media, be found   at popmatters.com.

 William proudly collaborated with Sublime Frequencies on a release of Singapore pop music.

 Albums from his experimental sound project Third World Skull Candy are available on   BitPulse Records. Listen to selected tracks on William's soundcloud page.

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