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Art and Money in the Writings of Tobias Smollett (2007)

Bucknell University Press Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture

Shedding new light on a misunderstood master, this study situates Tobias Smollett (1721-1771) as a key witness to the birth of the modern commercial art market. Focusing on the aesthetic issues of taste, luxury, commercialism, as well as aesthetics itself, William L. Gibson examines Smollett's histories and non-fiction writing as well as his novels to open a panorama on the eighteenth-century art world. Lucidly written and thoroughly researched, Art and Money in the Writings of Tobias Smollett will be of interest to people in literary history and criticism, art history, and social history.

Singapore A-Go-Go (CD 2009)

Sublime Frequencies SF051

Sublime Frequencies works its way down to the tip of the Malaysian peninsula with this superb collection of Singaporean 60’s beat, pop, and “off-beat cha-cha” instrumental classics from original vinyl 45’s. These 22 supercharged beat-a-go-go tracks defy a common held belief that the Chinese couldn’t rock, groove, or swing back in the 1960’s. There’s an epic vibe to the music that rivals other extremely well-recorded and unique pop styles emanating from the surrounding Southeast Asian scenes during the period. Liner notes by William L. Gibson.

Confessions of a Simple Man (A Novel) (2011)

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TOO HOT FOR MAINSTREAM PUBLISHERS!!! Follow the erotic adventures of a swindler and con-man through the shadowy underworld of the international art market. Confessions of a Simple Man unfolds over six interconnected chapters in which double-crossing hard men and dangerous women lurk around every corner. From New York to Hanoi, from Paris to Los Angeles, the Simple Man weaves his tale of intrigue as he chases forged masterpieces, lost treasures, and savage delights. Will he discover along the way that not everything in life can be boiled down to money and pleasure?

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